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Lawrence Howell 02 Jun 2017
After searching off and on for a couple of years for a white 2006 or newer Mercedes Benz SL 500/550, I happened upon one at Motorcars of Dallas. Photos and details of car explained in detail. Upfront on current and past history. Auto owner changes, miles driven, current owner's meticulous care... of the car, possible problems (none in this case), price was more than fair for the condition (nearly perfect) and all this info for FREE when other dealers want to charge for the reports. I bought the car sight-unseen on the phone and wire transfers. I had no hesitation as the representative, Brad Bemis, was straight about the car and seemed genuine in his interest to help me decide. No pressure selling. No "deal expires today" or any of that crap. I got a great car, at a better than reasonable price and I have Brad to call should something go wrong. I feel good about it. I have bought 3 vehicles on-line at this point in time totally over $124,000. One of the purchases has been a bit of a problem, but that seller had nothing to do with Motorcars of Dallas. All of the others worked out though sight-unseen purchases with vehicles shipped to my home, but I have more confidence in Brad Bemis and Motorcars of Dallas than all of the others. He was meticulous with the details, paperwork perfect, shipping arranged at hundreds of dollars less than the normal shipping cost. Every purchase of a used vehicle can have its problems. Expect them, I do. But Motorcars of Dallas can be trusted. Brad Bemis can be trusted. If something is not perfect in your deal, I feel confident that all will be done to attempt to make it right. Some of these purchases are limited or no warranty, so take into the worst case scenario versus the good purchase price into account, do your due diligence on the vehicle and if you love it, just do it. Show more
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Lawrence Howell, Alabama 31 May 2017
Bradley Bemis could not have been more courteous and helpful. I haven't gotten the car yet and the paper work appears to be finished.... all done by email and phone. I never even saw the car and yet felt confident to buy it particularly since I was talking with Brad. All went smoothly and if the car... actually gets here (Southeast Alabama) and is 90% percent as good as portrayed you have a customer for life. I have bought 3 vehicles thru eBay spending over $125,000. Only once did I feel that the vehicle was not portrayed accurately. Of course, this person had nothing to do with Motorcars of Dallas. Too bad that you seem to have 90% plus trucks. A little more diversification would be great. But I know you have to sell what sells. My purchase was a Mercedes Benz SL 500 roadster. Show more
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Russ D 14 May 2017
If you are looking for a great used truck you need to stop in and see Brian! He is very professional and efficient in sales. I looked at many dealers in the DFW area and Motorcars Of Dallas and by far had the best vehicles for the money on their lot. Thanks again Brian. Russ D
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Greg Loftin 08 May 2017
Service was above expectations. Got the truck I wanted for the price I wanted to pay.
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Rick Gerrek Jr., Dallas 04 May 2017
I purchased a f250 Platinum about 2 and half weeks ago from them. I brought it home on a Saturday, went to work that following Monday. On way hit a change in the road and truck went into death wobble on me. By the end of the day it had gone into that wobble two more times. I called Brad Beamis up an...d explained to him what was going on with the truck. Without hesitation Brad told me bring truck up and they"ll take a look at it. Next day truck was brought back to them. They gave me a loaner truck, and told us they would give us a call the next day. I get a call from Blaine Bateman (he runs the shop there) he told me yes front end has an issue and he'll call me when they get it figured out. So it ended up being 7 days with this truck. These guys did not give up, they had sought for solutions. And yes finally fixed the situation with that front end of the truck. Take in mind I did not buy any additional warranty with this truck. I bought truck "as is". Brad and the rest stood by there vehicles and kept integrity and made a customer for life. I will definitely be buying from them from now on. and sending friends and family to them as well. you certainly don't see this very often anymore with companys now a days.. usually they make the sale and forget your name the next day,, That's not the case here for sure! Thanks again Brad and Blaine Show more
5 rate
Sammy Kumar, Dallas 14 Mar 2017
I was extremely happy with my experience...
5 rate
Mountain Rancher 27 Dec 2016
Brian did a great job. We didn't get pressured. Truck is as represented. Was a fun experience.
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William and Erika Rochelle 02 Dec 2016
From the minute we stepped into his office, the service we received from Alden Pace was excellent. We needed a pickup truck with a 410 ratio rear end very quickly because we had just purchased a new 5th wheel and found out our old truck would not pull it. We checked on for a suitable and saw the truck we eventually purchased advertised and responded. Mr. Alden Pace called and we told him what we needed. The truck was exactly what we needed and we made the purchase with a lot of help from Mr. Pace. The service we received was first class, not just from Alden Pace but from Matt Marrs as well ,helping us with the financing side of our purchase. Mr. Alden Pace also helped us finding a shop to put on a new 5th wheel in the bed of our truck, and made the appt. for us. Thank you for making this a stress free and memorable experience, Mr. Alden Pace. We will recommend Motorcars of Dallas to all we meet. William and Erika Rochelle Show more
5 rate
Jason S 17 Nov 2016
Bought a used F-150 for my son from Alden Pace. Entire process was top notch across the board. Very competitive pricing and even more impressive follow-up after the sell was complete. Great business and great team. What buying a used car should be.
5 rate
John 20 Nov 2015
When I first walked in they were busy with other costumers but Cole made an effort to see what I needed. He pointed me in the direction of the truck I came to see and said he would be with me shortly. He promptly got with me and we took it for a test drive, by the time we got back to the dealership ...we had agreed on a price. The financing part went equally as well, they plugged numbers in till we came up with the perfect package for me. No pressure, no hassles........ this is the way car buying should be. These guys worked as team---very professional and friendly also. They answered any questions I had. All the staff was courteous and very easy to talk to.......even the GM visited with me for a short while. I was in and out of there in no time. It was by far the quickest, easiest and best buying experience I have ever had and I will say it was the first time ever that a dealership filled my tank full of diesel before I left out. I will be sending family and friends their way for sure. A great place to do business with. Show more
5 rate
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